The Welsh Terrier Club

The Welsh Terrier Club

Current Welsh Terriers for Re-homing

REHOMING - Below is a list of dogs that need a new pet home:-



A 3 year old boy is looking for a new home. He comes from a family of husband, wife and teenage son, so it is basically a male dominated environment. In recent months he has become very protective of the lady especially with the son.

It is a recognized trait in some adolescent male terriers that, as they approach adulthood, they will start to try to assert their dominance as the alpha male, starting with the youngest male in the family.

We are looking for a home - no children and no other dogs - with Welsh Terrier (or similar) experienced people capable of giving him a good disciplined new routine where he will learn his place in the hierarchy of the family.


VERY FEW DOGS MAKE IT TO THIS WEBSITE because we have a list of people waiting to take one, so a dog coming up may instantly be matched to someone on the list.

Consequently, there may be dogs in the pipeline that will not get listed here; phone or email Christine Couzens to enquire and/or to go on our waiting list.

From time to time, we are also advised by breeders of retired brood bitches who are looking for a pet home.


If you would like to be considered for any of these Welsh Terriers, or to find out more details of our rehoming procedure, then please email for an information sheet and application form.