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The Welsh Terrier Club

Current Welsh Terriers for Re-homing

REHOMING - Below is a list of dogs that need a new pet home:-



We are looking for a home for a 3 year old bitch. She is neutered and up to date with all vaccinations, flea and worm treatment.

Shortly after getting her, the daily routines were changed, meaning that both owners were out at work all day. A dog walker is used, but the group dog dynamic is not good for her; she has to wear a muzzle and often returns home hyper/over stimulated.

There are some health issues; mainly skin and ear infection problems, which are far less severe than some cases we have seen.

One of our rehoming team (a WT owning qualified trainer) visited the family home and her assessment was very positive:

.....She is very intelligent and she responded well to different tasks that were asked of her, responding automatically when that task was repeated.
She is noise sensitive and does not like her head or front legs being touched; she learned as a puppy that if she does not like something being done, she would give a quick nip which unfortunately was not addressed before it set in permanently. If I was able I would love to have her, but alas that is not possible. With her intelligence I would love training her.....

She needs a home where she will live with active, WT experienced people, without children, who enjoy regular exercise, are willing to do obedience or agility training with her, at the same time giving her the discipline that she needs.


VERY FEW DOGS MAKE IT TO THIS WEBSITE because we have a list of people waiting to take one, so a dog coming up may instantly be matched to someone on the list.

Consequently, there may be dogs in the pipeline that will not get listed here; phone or email Christine Couzens to enquire and/or to go on our waiting list.

From time to time, we are also advised by breeders of retired brood bitches who are looking for a pet home.


If you would like to be considered for any of these Welsh Terriers, or to find out more details of our rehoming procedure, then please email for an information sheet and application form.